Bike Body Covers

Mototrance bike body covers

Auto Furnish’s very own brand Mototrance offers high quality bike body covers to protect and style up your bike like never before. Bike riders and fanatics now don’t need to worry about their bike protection as Mototrance bike body covers efficiently protect bikes from dirt, dust, scratches, smudges, fingerprints, dents and bird droppings. The Brand offers universal and customized covers in variety of shades, designs and patterns to give you good variety. Some of the arc_series variants offered by the brand are strip bike covers in premium shades such as green, orange, red, white, yellow and aqua followed by freedom tri strip, aqua bike covers, sporty blue, silver color and blue & black cover.

Mototrance has earned a reputation of being the most reliable and quality driven brand of Auto Furnish. Thus, it leaves no stone unturned to offer bike body covers for all bike brands and models in premium shades and quality.

Autofurnish Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Auto Furnish offers a versatile range of bike body covers to your premium bikes. Be it premium or budget bike, the Brand cares for both equally without any partiality. The bike body covers offered by the Brand are not only stylish in nature but also highly protective. Every single cover will protect your bike from dents, scratches, bird dropping and harmful UV rays. One can also choose variety of premium shades including orange strip cover, sporty blue cover, aqua stripe cover, yellow stripe cover and many more.