Car Wipers

Premium Silicon Wiper

Car wiper is considered as one of the most important car accessories that give a clear vision to a driver. Visibility is an important component of safe driving which nobody can deny. We all should be prepared for rainstorm or heavy downpour in coming months. Having high quality car wiper blades on your windshield will give you an enhanced protection in harsh climatic conditions while driving on roads. Thus, Auto Furnish brings highly premium and sturdy car wiper blades to give you immense amount of protection in harsh climatic conditions. The Brand manufactures and offers premium F8 series silicon wiper blades for all car brands and models.

The wiper blades are highly durable in nature and deliver all weather protection. Every single wiper blade is designed with silicon squeegee to withstand extreme weather conditions and deliver long lasting protection with incurring any damage. The superior wipe performance offer improved visibility mile after mile. On top of that, the durable wiper casing prevents clogging in climates with rain.

Autofurnish Trading Pvt. Ltd.

The sleeker and modern design offers a very glamorous look to your windshield. The Brand offers a versatile range of viper blades that can go with any car brand and model. One can check out the premium collection of wiper blades in various sizes, patterns and styles.

The best part is that one can install these wiper blades with improved installation guide. One can find out multiple adaptors in the packaging that are compatible with most of the vehicles. Thus, installation can be done within a few minutes. All you need to do is to visit the online store of the Brand to get premium car wipers right at your doorstep without making much effort. With hassle-free online shopping experience and competitive prices, one can easily redesign or enhance his car security within a few clicks.

The Brand has an extensive collection of car seat covers in premium designs, shades, patterns, styles and materials to give a complete makeover to your car. No matter what kind of vision or design you have in your mind, the Brand will make it happen in real with it’s classic and contemporary range of car seat covers. From towel seat covers, leather seat covers and headrest covers to cloth seat covers, upholstery to seat cushions, everything is available at the store to meet your expectations.

Auto Furnish car cover variant 

Auto Furnish is a premium Premium Silicon Wiper manufacturer in India. The Brand has earned a reputation of delivering highest level of quality and stylish car covers in different variants. Here, one can find a car cover for all types of cars irrespective of model or manufacturer. The Company as a manufacturer designs premium and versatile range of car covers that protect your car from harmful UV rays, rain water, dust, smudges, bird droppings and all other types of foreign particles or scratches that cause any kind of harm to your beloved car.

Premium Silicon Wipers are available in acho, parker aqua, ace grey blue, arc series, parkin white, premium matty grey, parachute blue, parax silver, parker blue and premium silver to not only offer optimum level of protection but also style up your car in parking area. The entire team at Auto Furnish strives to bring new designs, patterns and premium shades in order to jazz up every car. It ensures to test the quality at different stages in order to offer best product to end customers.

All Premium Silicon Wipers are designed in accordance to car models and specifications. One can browse through a versatile range of car covers to get multiple options for his car. Be it any brand or model, Auto Furnish offers all under one roof.