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Mototrance bike body covers

Auto Furnish’s very own brand Mototrance offers high quality bike body covers to protect and style up your bike like never before. Bike riders and fanatics now don’t need to worry about their bike protection as Mototrance bike body covers efficiently protect bikes from dirt, dust, scratches, smudges, fingerprints, dents and bird droppings. The Brand offers universal and customized covers in variety of shades, designs and patterns to give you good variety. Some of the arc_series variants offered by the brand are strip bike covers in premium shades such as green, orange, red, white, yellow and aqua followed by freedom tri strip, aqua bike covers, sporty blue, silver color and blue & black cover.

Mototrance has earned a reputation of being the most reliable and quality driven brand of Auto Furnish. Thus, it leaves no stone unturned to offer bike body covers for all bike brands and models in premium shades and quality.

Autofurnish Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Auto Furnish offers a versatile range of bike body covers to your premium bikes. Be it premium or budget bike, the Brand cares for both equally without any partiality. The bike body covers offered by the Brand are not only stylish in nature but also highly protective. Every single cover will protect your bike from dents, scratches, bird dropping and harmful UV rays. One can also choose variety of premium shades including orange strip cover, sporty blue cover, aqua stripe cover, yellow stripe cover and many more.


Auto Furnish proudly presents it’s own brand called Destorm for all high end auto accessories. The Brand specifically brings high end car care accessories such as vacuum cleaner, tyre inflator, car jack, air compressor and car tool kit. After tasting success for it’s primary brand Auto Furnish, the Company unveils it’s second brand a couple of years ago which now turns out to be a winner in auto accessories segment in the market. Destorm has consolidated it’s name and position in all important car care accessories and leaves no stone unturned in offering high end and versatile range of car care auto accessories for all car brands and models

Destorm air compressor is a high power model of 12V offering extra high power motor for better inflation. It has long air pipe and comes with quick operation. It’s robust and durable design are simply unparallel. It is compatible with all car brands and models.

Autofurnish Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Destorm portable car emergency tool kit is yet another amazing auto accessory for your car. It includes air compressor, inflatable tube, needle nose pliers, tire rubber, knife, screw driver, repair tools and inflatable mouth.

Destorm also offers premium range of vacuum cleaners including cyclone system powered suction wet and dry vacuum cleaner featuring high power suction, washable HEPA filter which can block dust and pm 2.5. It is easy to use and it’s ergonomic design is simply beautiful.

Along with that, the Brand also offers premium parking space blocker, universal AUX cable with mic-talk hands free on your car, car power USB port with USB woven cable with universal compatibility feature.

The best part is that Destorm offers premium auto care accessories at highly affordable prices unlike it’s competitors. So bring the robust, universal and high end Destorm car care accessories to your car and enjoy healthy and safe driving.

Mototrance Rain Suit

Auto Furnish proudly presents it’s own brand to offer premium quality rain suit to all bikers. Driving in Monsoon season is full of risks. A biker has to be extra cautious while driving in heavy downpour or rain storm. If anybody gets drenched in rain severely then he may fall sick or get some infection. Thus, it is very important for an avid biker to take care of his health while driving in heavy rainfall or storm. Those who go on motorcycle tours to hill stations or mountains must have a premium rain suit that can protect them from all odds. Auto Furnish as a manufacture brings high quality Mototrance rain suit for all regular bikers. The rain suits are designed for both men and women to offer optimum level of protection from rain, storm and other climatic conditions. Mototrance solid rain coat is designed with 190T Nylon taffeta with imitated rubber coating. It is completely waterproof and breathable.

Autofurnish Trading Pvt. Ltd.

It features two side pockets so that you can keep your valuables such as watch, smart phones or jewelry and safeguard them. It is highly durable, lightweight and packable in nature. The Velcro and loose cuffs followed by adjustable hood drawcord and bottom loose add more comfort to your driving. It comes in a black color and Indian sizes. Being a leading rain suit supplier, the Brand leaves no stone unturned to offer premium quality at a very competitive price.