Foot Mats

Car Foot Mats

Car foot mats is one of the most important car interior accessories to keep your beloved car away from all types of dirt and moisture than can be a potential reason for bacteria. These mats are not just meant for resting your feet, but also designed to enhance the entire face value of your car to a great extent. In the last couple of years, auto parts industry has designed many technology driven and stylish foot mats that are not only of high quality but also bring a lot of style value. The right color and fabric can do wonders when it comes to style and comfort. Not only a driver but fellow passengers will also feel the quality of the foot mat under their foot. Thus, Auto Furnish, a leading online auto accessories store in India, brings a premium range of car foot mats to enhance the comfort, style and value of your car to manifolds.

The Brand offers an extensive range of car foot mats in variety of styles, patterns and designs to decorate every single car brand or model. With a plethora of options, one can beautify his car without any hassles.

Autofurnish Trading Pvt. Ltd.

The Brand prominently offers 5D foot mats, 5D Plus car mats, 7D car foot mats, 7D curly foot mats and rubber mats. Every single foot mat comes with revolutionary and innovative designs especially 5D and 7D mats wherein customers can get a great fusion of grass and leatherette wall to wall design covering every edge of your car. These mats have high liquid trapping capacity and can absorb dust, dirt and any kind of moisture to keep all types of bacteria away from your car. The mats are of high quality and run for long time. One can install them easily and clean with a wet towel or water to remove stains etc.

Auto Furnish brings premium quality foot mats in equally premium shades such as beige brown, grey black, tan, black, beige etc. One can get car foot mats for all prominent car brands and models right from the comfort of their smart phones or bedrooms.